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The website offers tips and guides for homeowners about various household ventilation systems such as: ceiling fans, air conditioners, heaters.. This blog is dedicated for anyone who struggle to install, repair or maintain his cooling or heating household appliance. You can email us or call us about any queries regarding your ventilation system and we will advise you and search for experts and specialists to help you solve your issue!

portable ac unit
ac unit
portable ac unit
ceiling fans

Ceiling fans save energy

You can lower 30% energy consumption using ceiling fans instead central air conditioner.

+45% Home in US uses central Air conditioner

– Califor Agro Ltd.

Latest Ventilation Systems Tips

Air conditioning has been around for about a century, yet many people have no air conditioning or no knowledge of the technology. From high efficiency central air units to portable windowless A/C’s there’s a air conditioner for everyone.

A hot apartment or home can be an uncomfortable time. A lack of sleep and the ability to concentrate are the side effects of too much heat. In hotter climates the heat can be dangerous or even deadly, especially older individuals.

Todays portable air conditioners are much more convenient for consumers with small houses or tight budget. A high quality portable air conditioning unit and proper maintenance can save homeowners a significant amount of money and provide a cool environment for much less than expected.

Portable Air Conditioners Comparison

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