It’s the time of year that owners and managers thoughts turn to writing out a new restaurant marketing plan for the next year.  But instead of pulling out last year’s plan and simply changing the dates to this year, let me challenge you to spend the time and creative thought to create an extreme restaurant marketing plan.
Many restaurants are struggling in todays economy, yet they continue to do things the same way they’ve always done them but they expect to have different results.  It was Einstein who said that’s the definition of insanity.  If you want different results, you’re going to have to do things differently.
Here aresuggests five ways you can turn your marketing on it’s head and supercharge it by filling your marketing plan with extreme marketing methods.
Extreme Equipements: You should highly consider developing your restaurant interior design and equipements so it can go with the season and the mood of your client. For example if the summer is close you might consider buy a new ventilation system for your restaurant or buy an outdoor or indoor ceiling fan.
Extreme Public Relations:  Those simple press releases you write up upload to a PR website are doing very little to drive traffic to your restaurant.  Take your ‘news’ and turn it into an event.  For example, if you introduce a new dish, hold a cook-off and invite local celebrities to compete against your chef.

Extreme Birthday Programs: Research shows that 50% of the population goes out to a restaurant to celebrate their birthday. Tap into this activity with a birthday club. Doing it through email makes it easy and convenient to bring your customers in on their birthdays.

Extreme Business Minglers:  Your local Chamber of Commerce, business tips clubs and other social clubs often choose a restaurant to meet at each month. Become their host and you’ll introduce a whole new group of people to your service and food selections.

Extreme Bouncebacks: Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your customers back again for an additional visit by sending them out the door with a bounceback. For example, Starbucks stamps your receipt in the morning for a discount if you come back for a drink in the afternoon.  Most people don’t make a second visit to Starbucks in the same day, so even with a discount they are way ahead when they make a second sale in the same day.

Extreme Sampling:  What’s the best way to hook someone on your food?… Let them taste it.  That’s the power of sampling.  That’s why McDonalds gives away their coffee for a week.  They want people to taste the flavor and get into the habit of ordering it.  That’s also why Costco has ‘sample ladies’ who are cooking up food for you to try. You try it, you buy it. The same theory works for restaurants.

Do you know why these methods will work for you? Each one is a solid traditional marketing method that has worked for years. The only reason they’ve gone extreme is because we’ve put the word ‘extreme’ in front of them. If you approach your marketing plan by starting with proven marketing methods and infuse them with a new attitude of excitement, you will create an extreme restaurant marketing plan that builds sales and increases profits.
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