New York Strip vs Sirloin

Complex dishes can readily hide a low-quality steak. But if you really want to know the quality of a steak, you should simply let the steak show its natural flavor. Now with regards to the New York vs sirloin steak dilemma, you will surely understand which is better between the two if you know the differences between the two.

New York Steak Cut and Sirloin: Which is Better?

The New York Strip is also a sirloin. But since it is a cut taken from the topmost section of the loin, it is the most tender part of the sirloin. Hence, it is called the “strip loin.”

New York Strip

We can consider the New York Strip as T-bone Steak’s half-brother. But Why? The answer is simple: the T-bone steak has a T-shaped bone. On the one side of the bone, you’ll find a strip steak. On the other side, there is the tenderloin filet. So, obviously, the two are like half-brothers. Moreover, it is right to say that the T-bone is made of two steaks.

The New York Steak is the strip that doesn’t have the bone. But if the strip comes with a bone, it is either referred to as “Bone-in-New York, or “Kansas City Strip.” The New York Strip is also called “Strip Steak.” But in Canada, it is referred to as “strip loin,” while in Australia, it is called “Boneless Sirloin.”


The sirloin steak, on the other hand, refers to a cut taken from the sirloin from where the porterhouse, T-bone, and club steaks were cut. The sirloin area refers to the loin’s back portion and it is divided into two types.

The most prized part of the sirloin is the top sirloin because it is the most tender. It is usually sold as “top sirloin” and is very expensive. The other type of sirloin is the bottom sirloin. It is less tender and is also much larger. You can buy it as “sirloin steak” and it is less expensive than the top sirloin.

Understanding A Shell Steak

There is another term for strip steaks, namely: “shell steak.” Shell steak is used to refer to the cow’s short loin. It refers to the front section of the loins or the section behind the ribs. Shell steaks include those steaks called “New York Strip Steaks” and “Kansas City Steaks.”

Shell steaks come in different variations of cuts. These variations also are based on how much bone is left in the meat before cooking it. The Kansas City steak, on the other hand, is bone-in, while the New York Strip Steak is boneless.

New York Strip Steak: What to Look For?

The good thing about strip steaks is that they come with a lot of marbling. Marbling, of course, refers to the streaks of white fat that come with the meat. However, you don’t have to trim this fat because they don’t have big chunks or gristles of fat.

So, the next time you would buy a steak at the market, you should first look at the marbling. If you see an even pattern of marbling that is evenly mixed throughout the meat, you will know that you are staring at a fine steak.   

Sirloin vs New York Strip

This question of sirloin vs New York Strip may confuse you, for you have already known above that the New York Strip is a type of sirloin. It comes from the short loin and this strip is flavorful and tender.

The difference, however, lies in the fact that not all sirloins are New York Strips. The sirloin is broader in connotation than the New York Strip. Sirloin is made of different cuts of meat and there are almost 11 cuts of sirloin steaks. All these 11 cuts are really delicious.

Having known the difference between sirloin and New York Strip, I hope that you will readily distinguish the New York Strip from the other types of sirloin steaks. I also hope that you will no longer be bothered by the dilemma of New York Steak vs Sirloin Steak. Lastly, the clearer you understand this difference, the better you can choose which type of steak you will be ordering from your favorite steak house next time.

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Pit Boss 700FB Grill Review

When it comes to the best pellet grill on the market, Pit Boss is one of the hardest names to rival. That said, in this Pit Boss 700FB Grill review, we’ll take a quick look at one of their best offerings to date. It provides plenty of cooking space, making it a great investment for large families or for serious grilling enthusiasts. As long as you have the space to spare in the patio, it is hard to be disappointed with this grill.

Main Product Features

Since it is made by Pit Boss, you can expect that this grill is abundant with exceptional features that will make it an exceptional pick within the product category.

700 Square Inches Cooking Area

With a cooking surface of 700 square inches, this is a great option for those who often grill for a group of four to six people. The design of the lid is also great, which makes it easy to accommodate even larger cuts of meat. There is also an upper cooking rack.

Digital Control Center

This is basically the one that is responsible for making this grill easy to use. You will have complete control of the unit depending on the temperature that you desire. You can adjust it from 170 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flame Broiler

It is one of the innovative features of this smoker that also makes it excellent in terms of versatility. It is basically a slide plate, which allows users to use it for direct flame grilling. This is useful when you are cooking steaks or burgers.

8-in-1 Cooking Functionality

This is more than just a pellet grill. You will love how this product is also great if you want to sear, char-grill, smoke, bake, barbecue, roast, and braise.

The Good

If you still have hesitations in choosing this model, let’s talk about the benefits that will make you change your mind.

Easy to Use

This is a great option for people who are looking for a user-friendly pellet grill. Operating the unit is pretty much straightforward, especially because of its set-and-forget functionality. Basically, what this means is that you can leave it on its own to finish the grilling task after setting the temperature that you want.

Effortless Temperature Control

Speaking of being easy to use, it should also be noted that controlling the temperature is a breeze. This is made possible by the digital temperature control that comes with the unit. It also allows you to control the burn length.


With the multiple functions of this model, you will also love how great it is when it comes to its versatility. You can use it as a grill and as a smoker. To add, it has a metal broiler plate that will allow direct searing. There is also a secondary rack, which is great if you want to use it as an indirect smoker.

The Bad

While Pit Boss 700FB Grill is an impressive product, it is undeniable that there are also drawbacks that are worth highlighting.

Paint Easily Peels

One of the most common complaints about this grill is how the paint tends to peel off easily as a result of being subjected to extreme heat. If this happens, an easy solution is to repaint the specific portion of the grill with signs of damage.

Lacks Portability

While there are two wheels on the bottom left side, there are still many people who noted that the portability is a problem with this model. It is hard to move it around since the wheels are made of metal that can be quite difficult to steer.


Now that we have reached the end of this Pit Boss 700FB Grill review, there is no denying that this is an exceptional product to consider. It is one of those products wherein you get more than what you have paid for. It makes a great choice for a starter grill with features that are comparable to the more expensive alternatives you will find on the market.

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Oklahoma Joe’s Combo Offset Smoker Review

The Oklahoma Joe’s Combo Offset Smoker is the best when it comes to versatility as it can offer multiple functions in one product. It is bulky and expensive, but you will love this option for the best offset smoker if you are looking for a powerful and multi-functional product. Having a hard time deciding if you should buy this model or look for other alternatives? We got you covered in the rest of this short review.

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

Main Product Features

To start, let us quickly look at the notable features that you will find in Oklahoma Joe’s Combo Offset Smoker.

1,060 Square Inches Cooking Space

With such a cooking area, this is definitely huge, making it a great option for grilling and smoking enthusiasts who often prepare a feast for a large group. There is a firebox chamber that provides additional space aside from the main cooking area.

Firebox Access Door

With this smart design, there is no need for you to open the main door when you need to add charcoals or when you have to empty the ash pan. This allows the smoke to circulate inside and also effective in keeping a consistent temperature.

Cool-Touch Handle

The ergonomic handle is great not only because it is easy to grip but also because it stays cool to the touch even when grilling for an extended period.

Multiple Dampers

This is great in terms of providing users with ultimate control on the smoke and the heat that is produced by the unit.

The Good

If you are looking for more reasons to be convinced that Oklahoma Joe’s Combo Offset Smoker is an exceptional product, let us have a rundown of its benefits.


One of the best things about this product is its versatility. You can use it as a gas grill or as a charcoal smoker. It is also a good thing that you can choose either charcoal or liquid propane as the main fuel.

Reasonably Priced

This is far from being the cheapest pick for the best offset smoker on the market. Nonetheless, there is no denying that the price is reasonable, especially given the features and performance that you can expect in this model.

High Heat Output

This model does not compromise its performance. You will be happy to know that the heat output is impressive, which allows it to handle a wide array of applications. It has three burners, each ahs 12,000 BTU.

Comes with a Side Burner

While the main cooking area is already large, it is even made better by the fact that it comes with a side burner with a heat output of 12,000 BTU. This allows you to prepare side dishes while you are using the main compartment.

The Bad

For a fair assessment of this offset smoker, let us also quickly look at the possible drawbacks that might make you hesitant in choosing this offset smoker.


One of the things that you might hate about this product is the fact that it is large. If you have limited space in the patio, this is definitely not for you. Nonetheless, there is a reason why this is bulky – it offers multiple functions in a single product.

Can be Prone to Rust

While the manufacturer claims that they use exceptional materials in this smoker, there have been plenty of complaints about how some of the components are easily prone to rust. A good way to prevent this from happening is to cover the unit when it is not used to protect it from external elements that can speed up wear.


The Oklahoma Joe’s Combo Offset Smoker excels in terms of its versatility as it can be used in different applications and comes with a dual fuel source. It is large and durable. The performance is also exceptional, whether you use it as a grill or as an offset smoker.

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Waste King 3200 Review 2019

If you are looking for a small and affordable garbage disposal, one of the best options to consider is Waste King 3200. It is easy on the pocket but big in performance. Want to know more? Read the rest of this Waste King 3200 review and learn about its features, as well as its pros and cons.

Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal, 3/4 HP

Main Product Features

If you go online to search for the best garbage disposal review, it won’t take long before you will see Waste King 3200 as one of the top recommendations. This can be attributed to the fact that it is packed with notable features, including those we’ll briefly mention below.

¾ HP Motor

For its size and price, the motor is quite impressive. It is more powerful compared to other models within the same price range. What this means is that it delivers a powerful performance despite being housed in a compact body.

EZ Mount System

This is an innovative feature that makes the installation easy on your end. There is no need to work with a technician to assemble the unit under the sink. There is a mounting system that is already in place.

Removable Splashguard

If you want a garbage disposal that is effortless to clean and maintain, you have another good reason to choose this product. You can easily remove the splashguard and get rid of the food particles that could possibly cause the unit to clog.

8-Year Limited Warranty

The warranty that is offered by the manufacturer is one more feature that is worth highlighting, which can provide you with peace of mind. Just let the manufacturer know about the problems and they will do their best to address it.

The Good

Not convinced to choose Waste King 3200 over its competitors? Below are some benefits that might make you change your mind.


Considering the fact that it is made by Waste King, a trusted brand in the global market for garbage disposal, the price is easy on the wallet. This proves how you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy high-quality products.

Easy to Install

The installation of the unit is pretty straightforward. If it is your first time to buy a garbage disposal, you don’t have to worry about the assembly. Most of the parts are already pre-installed. The manufacturer also provides comprehensive instructions on how to complete its assembly.

Powerful Grinding Mechanism

At its size, most people might think that it lacks power. Truth is, it is small but terrible. It is equipped with a top-notch motor that allows it to deliver effortless grinding performance. The unit is also not easily prone to having clogged blades that could negatively impact its performance.

The Bad

To have a fair evaluation of this garbage disposal, let us also take a quick look at some of its possible drawbacks, although, they are not necessarily deal breakers.

Can Be Noisy

The noise of the garbage disposal is one of the potential issues that you might encounter in this model. While it is small, it can be quite loud, especially for a small house or apartment. If you are easily irritated by a loud sound, this may not be a good choice for you.

Food Might Need to be Pushed

There are also some complaints from its users about how there is a need to push food into the mouth of the disposal, especially if these are large particles. This requires quite an effort for some but should not be a big problem for most people.

Final Verdict

As we have highlighted in this Waste King 3200 review, this garbage disposal is an option that is easy on the wallet but does not compromise performance. It is compact and space efficient. However, some users noted that noise can be an issue.

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How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last: Read to Find Out!

The best garbage disposal is one thing that you need to have in the kitchen to easily get rid of food scraps. It is a good way to prevent waste from causing a foul odor in the kitchen. Through the years, garbage disposals may demonstrate changes in performance as a result of wear and tear. With this, if you are wondering about how long do garbage disposals last, this post has the answer. To add, we’ll also look at some of the signs that your garbage disposal is asking for a replacement and the things that you can do to make it last longer.

How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last

How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

There is no single best way to answer this question. There are different factors that will come into play, such as the brand of the product you are using. The latter will have an impact on its quality and longevity. The extent of use, as well as care and maintenance, will also influence the number of years the disposal can last.

Based on the calculations made by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a garbage disposal can last up to 12 years on average. This is based on normal wear of the disposal and provided that you pay attention to its maintenance and it is not over-used.

Make your Garbage Disposal Last Longer

There are several things that you can do to make it last longer. On top of the list is to become more intelligent in your choices. Pick a reputable brand and model, even if this means you have to pay more, chances are, they have top-notch quality to make the disposal more durable.

It is also crucial to be mindful on what gets in the garbage disposal. You have to avoid pouring grease and oil, which will cause the system to clog. Rice and pasta are also best to avoid because they can expand and can clog the pipe. Fruit pits and fibrous vegetables can also cause serious problems.

Using a plumbing device or snake is also a good idea, at least once every two years. This allows you to get rid of the food debris stuck on the disposal that can compromise its performance.

Be sure to religiously follow the instructions from the manufacturer when it comes to its care and maintenance. The failure to do this will not only shorten the lifespan of the unit but can also make the warranty void.

Pay Attention to These Problems

So, is it about time to replace your old garbage disposal? An easy way to answer this question is to pay attention to the problems that are being shown by the unit. One of the most serious is the failure to grind food scraps. If you notice that the waste remains unprocessed after putting it in, the blades or motor are most probably already weak because of its many years of use.
In some cases, the garbage disposal will make a noise that is louder than the usual. It is also possible that it will make a noticeable vibration.

If there is a foul odor that won’t go away even after days, this is also a sign that you already need a replacement.

You should also pay attention to water leaks. It could be because there are problems with the pipe or the disposal is already too old and you need to invest in a new one.

Wrap Up

As discussed in this article, a typical garbage disposal will last for 12 years, although, extent of use, care and maintenance, and its brand name, among others, will have an impact on its lifespan.

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